How Do I Reset Google Account

How To Finish https // Password Reset Process?

Indeed! Google gives a special boost to its users due to its impressive technology of its customer service. It specially secures its accounts that are mandatory for the using its services. You need to have a password for accessing it and if you forget then you should reset it immediately.

Method To Recover Google Account

Recovering your Google account is a very useful service and to implement it, both email ID and phone number are very effective in recovering your account. Use https // password reset process to recover your account. This is the best way to recover your account as it gives a fast recovery method which helps a user.

Https // Password Reset

Steps To Recover Google Account Via Phone Number:

  • By using the web browser, go to the Google Account recovery web page.
  • Enter the details of your phone number or email address connected to it.
  • If you know the last password, then try it otherwise you can move ahead.
  • Enter the linked phone number in the required box and submit it.
  • Obtain a verification code sent by Google on it as an SMS.
  • Enter the code in the necessary web field to confirm your identity.
  • Once the system has verified your ownership, start the password reset process.
  • Visit this section and enter the new password that is quite unique in its form.
  • Enter that password again to confirm that and press the save button.

Https // for Help

Apart from that, using the registered email Id is also a fruitful option which you can choose for account recovery. If you still have any issue in that, use https // for help and connect with the recovery agent. Talk to them and use their expertise to know about the additional and useful steps which you can use to accomplish the process to recover your account.


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