How to share screen on Google meet?

Share your screen on Google meets

Do you want to share your screen with your team members in a meeting on Google meets? Sharing a screen on Google meets is an easy task and can be done by following some easy steps. To know how you can share your screen with your team members, you may read further.

Google meets is a popular service by Google that has become an important part of everyone’s life during the Covid 19 pandemic. It allows multiple users to join a single meeting for discussions. It is used for various purposes such as meetings, online classes, training, and many more. During meetings, sometimes users are required to share their screens with the other members present in the meeting. This might bring a question to the minds of the Google meet users, does Google Meet allow screen sharing? Google meets allows its users to share their screens with their teammates in a meeting. The users can also select their preferred screen that they wish to share with their teammates. Google meets only shares the screen in a meeting, that is selected by the presenter.

Steps to share a screen on Google Meets:

  • To share a screen, the users first need to join the meeting by using the link or code of the meeting.
  • Now they need to select the Present screen option given on the main screen of the meeting.
  • The users are now required to select the screen that they wish to share.
  • Now the users need to hit the Share button to share the selected screen.

By following the above-given steps, the users can share screen on google meet without any difficulty. If the users need help with sharing a screen on Google meets, then they can contact the support team of Google. A Google live person will surely help them with the screen sharing process on Google meets.

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