Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

How many times have you made the flight booking online, missed catching it and fear with the complicated Southwest Airlines Cancellation policy which is more than actually feeling worse about not making the trip? It happened with the peoples recently. Canceling of the flight can be done at anytime and at anyplace, because canceling of the flight ticket require deep research and effort so that you won’t compromise the money you spend on the flight booking. So here we have mentioned all the basic Southwest Airlines Cancellation policy.

Learn the deep insights of the Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

Follow the southwest Airlines cancellation Policy

  • Refund depends upon the itinerary fare if the passenger made the request for the cancellation.
  • If the passenger wishes for Southwest Airlines Cancellation within 24 hours of the flight departure, you will not be charged any fee for the cancellation.
  • Passengers can cancel the flight ticket up to the 10 minutes in no show policy before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • Under the 24 hour refund policy, if the passenger lapse the defined time of the 24 hours then the price of the non refundable ticket will be applied to future travel from the date of purchase.
  • Make use of the free same day ticket change policy to get the full refund against the flight ticket.
  • Passengers are allowed to make changes in the reservation as far as in advance, passenger will not be charged any single fee.
  • If the passenger don’t do Southwest Airlines Cancellation, for sure passenger will lose the wanna get away and no-show fund.
  • If the passenger is canceling flight ticket, they should note down the confirmation number.
  • Passenger can call to the customer support end of the airlines to request for the refund for a flight booking.
  • Passenger’s booking a flight ticket by using the rapid reward points, their points will be redeposit to the original purchase price of the ticket.

Southwest Airlines flight Cancellation

All the fees will be hold if the passenger not able to travel in the future from the date of purchase. So read all the above aspects of the Southwest Airlines Cancellation policy to avoid scuffle and the confusion. It is advised that if you are willing to learn the solution in-depth or want to take the assistance immediately from the customer support team you are advised to call them directly regarding query or for Southwest Airlines Cancellation.

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