How do I Recover my Hotmail Account

Recover Hotmail Account

You should use the Hotmail Account Recovery Service to recreate your password, whether you have lost or locked your Hotmail account password due to unauthorized access by someone. For this purpose, a retrieval email, telephone number or search app for your account will be needed. Through this, need to answer a few questions regarding your account to confirm your identity.

You need to make sure that the caps lock is switched off and that your email address is placed right and then try to recover Recover my Hotmail Account. If it does not work, then try to reset your password and follow the following steps to restore your password:

  • Visit to recover your account page to reset your password.
  • Select the reason why you need to reset your password and press on the Next button.
  • Then you need to type your Microsoft account's email address, which you were using. This could be an e-mail address or an e-mail that ends with a domain like Sign In.
  • Then you need to fill the characters, which you will see in the monitor, which helps Microsoft to know that you are not a robot.
  • Microsoft will provide you with the one-time code to the alternative telephone number or email address which will be provided to you if you have attached security details to your account.
  • Through this, you will be able to create a new password.

Try to follow the method to reset your password is it is not working:

Hotmail Account Recovery

If a protection code cannot be accessed

You need to obey the asked directions like your username, birthdates, credit card information and other information for your Hotmail account recovery or recover Hotmail account if the code is not given or you are unable to access it.

If your account is blocked temporarily

You will detect spam, misuse of your account or content that breaches Microsoft Terms of Use and whether your profile has been blocked temporarily.

If the two-stage verification was introduced recently

When you take the extra protection step of turning on a two-step scan certain programs and computers can inform you when your password is wrong.

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