How do I fix the connection to server failed on iPhone?

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Are you unable to access your mails on your iPhone? And are constantly terrified with a single message that says the connection to the server failed on iPhone. If your mail responds with an error message then what unfolds next in this page is surely going to help you with eradicating the issues that may hamper your overall work experience. 

The iPhone is regarded as the most convenient device with the best user interface that also enhances the work with the applications whether it is Gmail, Outlook or any other. However, there can be instances where the users are met with glitches and problems. In case you are unable to receive or reply to emails, then it can seriously affect the experience with the mailing services. In this paper, we are going to look at how do I fix the connection to server that failed on my iPhone? Issue so follow until the end. Without any delay let us get straight to it.

Connection to Server failed on iPhone

Methods to fix iPhone error

The users must run some checks on the internet connection and must ensure that they have proper internet connectivity to have smooth running services.

Another thing that would help with the glitches is to restart your phone. Restarting kind of reboots the phone and hence the users are able to get rid of the initial glitches and problems.

Another thing that could really come handy while trying to fix your mail is to delete and re-enter mail account. Doing this will surely help you with eradicating most of the problem. 

As a user, you could also try and change the mail account password that will allow you the scope through which you can get rid of the connection to the server failed on iPhone.

Another thing that the users could resort to is to transport their emails to another different folder. The steps that one could do to do this are as follows:

  • Choose the mail that you would like to open
  • Select the move option from the settings and move them to a new folder.
  • Navigate to the new folder and access the mails.

Fix Connection to Server Failed on iPhone

There are chances that the users may face server connection errors on the iPhone. In such cases, the users are supposed to contact your Exchange administrator. 

Another thing that would help with this issue is to perform a reset of the network settings on your iPhone. In order to do this, users need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit settings and then click on General. There you will spot the reset option. Click on that and finally click on the reset network settings.
  • Enter your pass code and then restart your iPhone and you would have eradicated the connection to server failed on iPhone issues.


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