Cant add Gmail account to iPhone

Are you facing issues with your Gmail account and are unable to ad it into your iPhone device? Well, worry not as this post will help you with the best hacks to troubleshoot the issue. Hence, read further.

What To Do When You Cant Add Gmail Account To IPhone? Hacks

Check Out The Gmail Website Alerts

It is suggested to check out the alerts even if you are having trouble with your iPhone device. However, one should be using the web browser in their device to do this. Here’s how.

  • Open up your web browser, the go to Gmail website and then get access to your account.
  • Hereafter, if you see the alert such as “We blocked a sign-in attempt” or “Someone has your password.”, then hit the “That Was Me” or “Review Your Devices Now” option followed by going through the onscreen instructions to troubleshoot the issues.

Do the CAPTCHA Reset

  • A CAPTCHA reset will help you to unlock the security features on your Gmail account if you can t add gmail account to iphone.
  • At first, navigate to the Gmail CAPTCHA reset page, then try logging into your account, and then you should see the security message.
  • Hereafter, go through the additional sign-in steps (if required), then hit the Continue option to proceed with the reset process.
  • Grant the access to your account, then get access to your log in to your account using your username and password.
  • Next, try adding your Gmail account to your iPhone device and then go through the CAPTCHA page on your device.

Check The IMAP Settings

IMAP settings are designed to allow your emails to sync with the offline reading services and your Gmail account. Now, you must check that your IMAP settings sere working properly and if they are not, then you’ll need to contact the tech experts on Gmail to get proper help on setting up the IMAP settings in your iPhone device.

Moreover, if you still can t add gmail account to iphone, then you should contact the tech-experts at Gmail and get their assistance.


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