How do I Change AT&T WiFi Password?

When you are an AT&T user for Internet services, then the chances are high that you probably would have an AT&T router/modem as well. Since, your router connects all of your wireless Wi-Fi enabled devices altogether, it is quite necessary to update its password time-to-time. And most importantly, you must know how to change AT&T wifi password as the default password of your Wi-Fi modem/router.

A Quick Guide to Change the Wifi Password on AT&T

When it comes to changing AT&T Wi-Fi password, the how to change AT&T wifi password process is quite simple, anyone can do it by their own. Hence, in this guide, you’ll be able to learn about the simple process to Change at&t wifi password. However, if you face any difficulty with the process, then feel free to get in touch with the tech-experts at AT&T.

Steps on How to Change AT&T Wifi Password

Follow these steps to change your AT&T wifi Password:

Users often change their default Wi-Fi password after they have access to an established internet connection. Therefore, in order to how to change AT&T wifi password, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Start with finding out a sticker on your AT&T modem/router device that will have the IP address & Device Access Code on it. The IP address will look like: or somethings else.
  • Now, pull up your web browser in your PC, then enter the IP address into the search bar along with the Device Access Code when prompted.
  • Scroll to the LAN option, select it, and then click on WiFi.
  • Hereafter, select the User Network option, then find the change the WiFi password option.
  • Finally, hit the Save option on the bottom-right of the web page and there you go with changing your AT&T Wi-Fi password.

Now, once you have done how to change AT&T wifi password, you’ll need to update it in all of your devices that are connected with your network connection. Moreover, if you are unable to follow up with the aforementioned steps, then feel free to get in touch with the tech-experts at AT&T who will surely assist you on how to change AT&T wifi password.


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