How do I get my Google account back

Google Account is one of the easily accessible digital assets which is used by many people. Sometimes, this account goes out of reach and to resolve this, complete the recovery of your official account.

How do I get my Google Account back on my phone?

To retrieve the total control of your Google Account, use the official recovery process. Here, you are required to use the official recovery process through phone number or email ID to accomplish this task. Here, you need to use the following process to complete the account recovery process. In this method, use the security code to complete the recovery process.

  • First, open your web browser and go to the Google Account website.
  • Move to the login section and enter the linked phone number or email ID.
  • Moving ahead, choose the Forgot Password option to start the account recovery process.
  • Move ahead to the recovery phone number and send the verification code on your device and enter it in the required field to confirm your identity.
  • With this, access the password reset tool and create a new password of your account.

Still struggling and wondering How do I get my Google account back? Select the other methods to accomplish the goal of recovering your account. Here, use the following process to entertain your request.

How do I get my Google account back if it has been disabled?

If you are looking to gain access of your Gmail account back to you, then you should use the following process to Get my Gmail account back. Here, you can use the following process to retrieve your Gmail account.

  • Visit the Gmail website and move to its login section.
  • Here, enter the username and click on the Forgot Password to begin the recovery.
  • Choose the trusted device method to complete the desired process and select the trusted device for your account recovery.
  • Verify your identity by using the trusted device and confirming your acceptance.

Facing any issue to Get my Gmail account back if it has been disabled, get in touch with the official customer service team to receive more details to complete the recovery. Here, using the official Email ID also works.

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