Google not Working in Chrome

Google is the biggest search engine in the world is used by billions of people every day and Chrome, which is also a widely used web browser, is also used by millions of people to reach Google and other related services. Sometimes, the users of Google chrome reports Google not working in chrome and allied services in Google Chrome, this issue is caused by various reasons which are listed below.

What causes Google not working in Chrome

There are various technical reasons which cause Google not working in chrome problem, some of them are mentioned below.

Google not Working in Chrome Solution

  • Using the web-browser extensions in Chrome that affects the functionality of the browser for Google.
  • Any third-party apps or some programs that work in the background of the device can also disrupt the Google not working in chrome.
  • The settings of the Chrome web-browser are not set appropriately.
  • Any rogue software can also unsettle the Google not working in chrome. The user can remove any of these problems on its own with some fixes.

How to resolve the issue of Google not working in Chrome?

The user can resolve this issue by using the following techniques.

Disable the web browser

Some extensions, when installed in chrome, don’t allow the working of the Google search, thus the user is recommended to delete those extensions. It can be done by using this process.

  • Click on vertical 3 dots in Chrome to open the menu.
  • Select More Tools option 
  • Click on the option of Extension.

Google not Working in Chrome Issue

Check the list of extensions which are enabled in chrome if the user found an unknown extension then he should delete it. If this doesn’t solve the problem Google not working in chrome then the user can try the next method.

Reset the settings of Chrome

Most of the time the Google not working in chrome issue is caused by the problem in settings of Chrome, which can be solved by this process:

  • Click on 3 vertical dots and click on Settings option.
  • Scroll down and select advance settings.
  • In reset and clean up section, click on Restore settings to their original defaults.

The problem of Google not working in chrome can also be solved by troubleshooting the device use to access chrome and seek support.

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